Once more with feeling

What’s incredible is that a blog made while I was still a student that is absolute garbage and hasn’t been updated since 2013 still managed to accrue tens of views a year in the previous few years.

Well no more will visitors be greeted by that desolate wasteland, this is the new desolate wasteland that is here to stay.

I have big plans. There are always plans. Humans delight in planning, regardless of how unrealistic or unachievable these plans may be.

I would love to set a regular schedule and then stick to it – be that daily, weekly or fortnightly updates. But I have been here before and I have seen just how regular it ends up being.

So perhaps I will see you shortly, perhaps I will see you regularly.

But most likely this post sits at the bottom of the dusty detritus of the internet, wind howling across the vast plains of data that sit unadorned and lifeless.

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